Our manufacturing plant in Markal industrial area in Pune is an FDA-authorised, EDQM and USFDA-inspected fully integrated site sprawled across 22,000 sq.m offering Active Pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), Intermediates and Botanical extracts. The site is divided into five independent manufacturing blocks, encompassing product development, commercial manufacturing and packaging. With a global standard quality system in place, our manufacturing plant allows us to be a strategic manufacturing partner for innovators, pharmaceutical companies, and biotech giants.


DNPL has made a significant investment in its R&D and Pilot Plant facilities, which has allowed the company to expand its operations and focus on commercialising new molecules at a steady pace. In addition, the company now has separate labs dedicated to phytochemistry and synthetic chemistry, enabling a more comprehensive research approach. To help scale up the production process, we have outfitted our R&D with glass assemblies of various sizes. In addition, a dedicated analytical lab, complete with cutting-edge equipment and knowledgeable technicians, is available to ensure thorough analysis and testing of the materials developed in the R&D labs.


Each of our manufacturing blocks is dedicated to the production of specialised products and is thoughtfully designed to prevent contamination and cross-contamination at all manufacturing stages. Alongside the manufacturing units, our facilities include a standalone Warehouse, independent Quality Unit, Water Purification Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, etc. Our production units are staffed with skilled and trained personnel. Standard Operating Procedures and a strict document control system define and monitor the manufacturing process and controls.


We have a centralised warehouse to store and dispense different kinds of raw materials and packaging materials. The warehouse is designed and maintained to prevent contamination, cross-contamination and deterioration. We have separate Sampling and Dispensing rooms with RLAFs to eliminate cross-contamination and protect the operator whilst handling the raw materials. In addition, our warehouse has provisions to segregate and identify materials of different QC statuses.

Quality Control

Quality control forms the bedrock of our production processes. To ensure accountability at each operational stage, we have set up a dedicated and fully compliant Quality Control Lab ensuring electronic data are handled with the highest standard of Data Integrity. Further sub-divided into three sections, viz: Chemical (Wet Lab), Instrumentation (Dry Lab), and Microbiology, our Quality Control Lab is the wellspring of our manufacturing excellence, where we control our product to the highest standards of quality and compliance. With quality checks pinned down for every step, from validation, sampling, testing, organising documentation and release procedures, we do our utmost in maintaining stringent standards of precision and trueness of our products.

Quality Certifications